At Youth Outside, we believe that meaningful outdoor experiences can have a major impact on young people's lives. We work to ensure that youth who are underrepresented in the outdoors have the opportunity to connect with the outdoors in culturally relevant and inclusive ways by removing systemic barriers connected to dominant culture, institutions, and power dynamics. Our monthly blog, #DifficultTerrain, asks the hard questions and sparks the difficult conversations about the need for equity and inclusion in the outdoor recreation and environmental fields.

#DifficultTerrain: Bringing Equity and Inclusion into the Sunlight

It’s finally June – the official beginning of summer. For many children, it’s a time to reconnect with the outdoors. School is out and summer has begun. It’s a time to run and play outside in the sun, jumping in creeks, turning over rocks, climbing trees, and breathing in fresh air.  Unfortunately, those kinds of meaningful outdoor experiences are not a reality for many children. Read the blog>>>