Cultural Relevancy Series

Cultural Relevancy is effectively reaching and engaging communities and their youth in a manner that is consistent with the cultural context and values of that community; while effectively addressing the disparities of diversity and inclusion within an organization’s entire structure.

Cultural Relevancy Series

Youth Outside is facilitating a Cultural Relevancy Series made possible by the support of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Morgan Family Foundation. This program was developed in response to survey feedback by the partner foundations on the interest and need of their environmental education grantees to build the capacity of organizations' leadership, staff, and board on cultural competency and diversity.

The Cultural Relevancy Series aims to provide a safe learning community where organizations will:

  1. Gain a greater understanding of cultural relevancy as it pertains to the outdoor field;
  2. Explore organizational culture change through the lens of cultural relevancy; and
  3. Create and implement an action plan to increase cultural relevancy in identified priority areas of each organization.

The series consists of the following 6 seminars in 2016:

  1. March: Introduction to Cultural Relevancy
  2. April 18: Organizational Culture
  3. May 16: Individual Culture
  4. June 20: Board Recruitment and Development Strategies
  5. July 18: Curriculum Development through a Culturally Relevant Lens
  6. October: Culmination

The application period for this year’s cohort is now closed.

Please read our most recent publication on the topic of cultural relevancy, entitled “Cultural Relevancy in the Outdoor Field, Beyond a Conversation: A Commitment to Action”.