OEI 2019 - Delivery Partners RFP

Youth Outside is seeking outdoor program delivery partners for the 2019 cohorts of the Outdoor Educators Institute.

Introduction & Background

The Outdoor Educators Institute (OEI), a program of Youth Outside, is seeking outdoor program delivery partners. We are accepting proposals in response to this RFP in order to find qualified sources to provide engaging and enriching outdoor trainings and programs. Our goals in partnering with outdoor organizations are to:

  1. Give participants outdoor exposures accompanied with a skill set that will make them better equipped to lead outdoor programming themselves.

  2. Empower participants to cultivate relationships with industry professionals that will lead to mentorship and employment in the outdoor field.  

  3. Encourage partner agencies to be change makers in the movement to bring cultural relevancy, inclusion, and equity to the outdoor field.

  4. Deliver a wide breadth of knowledge of outdoor organizations and activities that can be utilized in creating and implementing outdoor programs for youth-serving agencies.

The objective of this Request for Proposal is to identify delivery partners that will provide the best overall value to the Outdoor Educators Institute. While price is a significant factor, other criteria will form the basis of our award decision, as more fully described in the Evaluations Factors section of the Full RFP document.

Project Description


OEI seeks to support participants from historically underrepresented individuals and communities to develop their outdoor skills, continue their growth as culturally relevant outdoor leaders, and provide opportunities for outdoor employment and volunteering, as well as support in building outdoor programming for their communities.

The description of this project is as follows:

OEI is a three-month long professional and workforce development program offered in the fall of 2019, starting on August 24th. OEI trainees will learn and practice a variety of outdoor skills necessary to their continued growth as a culturally relevant outdoor leader. These skills will be taught within one evening class a week and three weekend expeditions a month, for the duration of the program. This year, we will be hosting two simultaneous cohorts, one in the cities connected by the Bay Bridge, and one in the South Bay. Please consider if you are able to provide programs in one or both course areas, and if you are the best community partner to do so.

Program Scope

We seek multiple partners to deliver a variety of outdoor offerings so that participants not only gain best practices for specialty fields, but also have a community of support for their outdoor work upon completion of OEI.  

The successful RFP applicant will be responsible for the safe delivery of their outdoor component, all the logistics of the delivery of the program, equipment to be utilized, as well as an evaluative process that is in alignment with the OEI mission and goals.

RFP & Project Timelines

Request for Proposal Issuance: May 13, 2019
Request for Proposal Close: July 12, 2019
Contract Award / Notification to Declined Applicants: July 19, 2019
Delivery Timeframe: August 24 – December 13, 2019

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